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Friday 10 July

Primo! NZ’s favourite flavoured milk! Takes me back to a post surf, fish and chip shop session at ‘seafood and eat it’ Warkworth with my two mates Cavey and Nick, circa 2002. For some reason there were copious amounts of seagulls, I’m talking over 100! They were all hanging around the fish and chip shop threatening to attack our chips. We started chucking a few chips to get them to go away, but it fuelled their desire for our chips all the more. Nick worked out if you threw a chup onto the road then all 100 birds would go for that one chip. He then worked out that you could stop traffic by throwing a chip while a car was driving up Neville St. It was amazing, we all of a sudden had the power to stop cars in their tracks. Nick called it, the most savage words to leave a 19 year olds mouth. If you can get a car to hit a seagull I’ll you a Primo. Instantly the mood changed from fun to dark and we all agreed that was too far. We spent the next half an hour finishing our food. After consuming The most fried carb heavy food than possible. We were left with a few scattered cold chips. Throwing chips to the birds was forgotten and we were ready to get back into our Ford Laser and head back to Browns Bay. Nick without thinking threw the few remaining chips over his shoulder not thinking about the consequences. As Cavey and myself watched the world turn to slow motion as 100 flocking seagulls competed for that one prized chip. All of those seagulls pulled away when they were met with an oncoming Hilux Surf. But one brave seagull commited and turned himself into a street full of feathers... I’m sure that final taste of that chip was well worth it for that seagull. In my memories that seagull went down a hero and a winner!

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