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Monday 1 June

Hey team. Happy long weekend! Today is the first day of winter. It's at this time of year I am in constant preparation to bunker down and 'just handle' the cold weathered months from June to August. When I was 18 I studied a diploma in outdoor recreation. We spent those three cold wintery months learning bush survival which included sleeping in the bush for multiple nights solo with nothing but a day pack, lighting fires from wood and bracken that was first dunked into the water and river rescue training where we would take turns to float on our backpack down the Ohinemuri River. One of the nights I was so cold I fell asleep next to the fire, burnt a hole in my balaclava, and incurred the worst smoke inhalation. I use those memories to remind me 'winter ain't that bad' and it will be September before I know it.  #awr #aucklandweatherreport #auckland #NZ #newzealand #kiwiana #metservicenz

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