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Saturday 6 June

As a child of the 90’s I was fortunate enough to experience the fad of crochet ball kicking called ’Hacky.’ It was a simple game that taught important life skills to the Kurt Cobain idolising, no social media, phone box collect caller generation of youth that once existed. No self serves, passing is a requirement, a hacky cost $12 (much cheaper than an iPhone) and a rally over 4 would incur beats or brands to the person who messed it up. They were life skills that would be ingrained into the impressionable 15 year old minds and forge the life skills to become a fine member of society. Allan Wrath obsessed over hacky. I was that guy who always had two on me. I would sniff out small groups of dreaded hair 15-year-olds and serve up a rainbow crotcheted ball, for some adrenalin filled rounds. One day after morning tea, we were waiting between H block and C Block (Rangitoto College) waiting to head back into science class. I started up a round of hacky with a few of my mates at the time. I got so involved after a rally of 5 or 6 I tried to brand one of the boys who made a dash for it. I fell awkwardly, tried to avoid a puddle, rolled my ankle and ended up in plaster for 6 weeks. Yup, I broke my ankle playing hacky. Looks like this weekend will be filled with spots of showers and fine spells. Much like how this week has been. The temps are dropping today. Snow is starting to make an appearance down south.

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