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Tuesday 9 June

Hey team, it's World Oceans Day. Here's a little illo of my favourite ocean creature, the great white shark. NZ’s entire west coast is a highway for these legends migrating south from Australia on route to fulfil their prehistoric hankering for a higher fat content in their diet, this is where they grow between 5-8m long and in some cases bigger. I surfed at the bottom of the South Island in a spot called Purakaunui. In that 2 hour long 12 deg water, summer surf sesh, I counted 10 sea lions on the beach. I kept recounting them every ten mins to make they didn't feel obliged to also paddle out to surf the bombing world class left-handers this incredible beach produces. The sea lions never paddled out which got me thinking, what or who else was in the water on this frosty summers day.

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